Ambulatory Surgical Center Billing Services

The financial strength of your ambulatory surgery center is directly correlated to timely billing and comprehensive accurate collection services. Hiring an experienced firm to handle your billing is one of the most important decisions you’ll make regarding the financial aspect of your ASC. Medi-Bill Inc. has years of experience providing high quality professional billing services to ambulatory surgical centers and other healthcare organizations throughout the United States. We understand the unique challenges that ASC’s face regarding collections and billing.

Our job

Medi-Bill Inc. provides comprehensive Ambulatory surgery center billing services, practice management and many other value added services for ambulatory surgical centers and other healthcare providers. Our services will maximize your surgery centers revenue. Here are just a few things you can expect from our ambulatory surgery Center billing services:

  • Full accounts receivable management
  • System based eligibility verification
  • 12 our claim processing
  • Clearinghouse base claims scrubbing
  • Handling all patient and insurance calls
  • Detailed financial reporting
  • Regular quality assurance checks

Functional areas of expertise:

Our billing team is extremely qualified and able to keep up on the latest changes in the surgery center codes-payer requirements and we provide assurance that you will collect every penny do. We eliminate attrition. We understand the claim denial process and we will vigorously pursue your collections even up through the first appeal level. No stone is left unturned.

  • Complex ambulatory surgical center billing codes and rules
  • Surgery center terminology
  • Office notes and operative notes
  • Coding for surgical procedures
  • various related multiple procedure rules.
  • Ambulatory Surgical Center Receivables Management
  • ASC coding experience
  • High level billing and collection services
  • Aggressive insurance payor collections
  • Detailed and customizable reporting
  • Medicare registration
  • Managed-care contracts

Why choose Medi-Bill Inc.

Because we have been providing anesthesiology/pain management billing services for over 20 years, under the same ownership and still maintain some of our original clients! Few, if any other billing companies could make that claim. The principal owner of Medi-Bill Inc. is a former police officer and has received numerous letters of accommodation from the city of Fort Lauderdale Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Complete turnkey ambulatory surgery center billing services starting at 5% of net collections.

  • Nonbinding contracts
  • Personal client services
  • Free medical credentialing
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Complete ASC billing services
  • In business under the same ownership since 1989

What are comprehensive integrated ASC billing services?

Because every ambulatory surgical center is different we customize our services to meet your individual needs. We have over 20 years experience providing professional billing services to ambulatory surgical centers and we have everything you need to build a successful business. Don’t leave this crucial task to amateurs.

Other value added services:

Efficiently manage and follow up with legal cases held for sustained periods of time under letters of protection. Maintain long-term communication with attorneys during discovery and assure all patients that legal cases will be closely monitored until settlement.

Effectively manage and negotiate legal cases with attorneys for maximum reimbursement.

Medicare registration

All medical records are maintained strictly through advanced electronic medical record systems indefinitely

Custom ambulatory surgical center billing:
Our unique size and experience makes Medi-Bill, Inc the ultimate billing service for anesthesiology providers. We custom make our billing solutions around your practice. We have over 25 years experience in the area of anesthesia and pain management billing. Most of the time our providers are dealing directly with the owners of our firm. No account is too big or too small. We tailor make our billing solutions so that you can focus on being a doctor and growing your business.

When changing billing companies there are key details which need consideration. You’ll need an experienced team through the transition. It is however crucial that you effectuate a change if you are not satisfied with your current billing situation. Your practice stands to lose a great deal of money if your billing services are not being handled properly. Small anesthesia providers are often ignored by the larger billing services and medical providers are going through much consolidation and consequently billing services and groups are becoming larger and larger. It’s crucial that smaller anesthesia providers hire the correct fit for your practice. The transition to a new billing company requires advanced planning and much experience

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact David Duncan at 800 634 8118