Custom Medical Billing Services for Anesthesiologists

Our unique size and experience makes Medi-Bill, Inc the ultimate billing service for anesthesiology providers. Providing medical billing services for anesthesiologists is our core competency.  Let us custom make our billing solutions around your practice. We have over 25 years experience in the area of anesthesia and pain management billing. Most of the time our providers are dealing directly with the owners of our firm. No account is too big or too small. We tailor make our billing solutions so that you can focus on being a doctor and growing your business.

When changing billing companies there are key details which need consideration. You’ll need an experienced team through the transition. It is however crucial that you effectuate a change if you are not satisfied with your current billing situation. Your practice stands to lose a great deal of money if your billing services are not being handled properly. Small anesthesia providers are often ignored by the larger billing services and medical providers are going through much consolidation and consequently billing services and groups are becoming larger and larger. It’s crucial that smaller anesthesia providers hire the correct fit for your practice. The transition to a new billing company requires advanced planning and much experience.

PQRS for anesthesiologists:

Anesthesiology Billing ServiceMedi-Bill Inc. can assist your anesthesiology practice with PQRS through directly through the claims process by our amazing clearinghouse practice insight. After the initial set up all P QRS measures are filed directly to the registries via the claims process and it’s all done, “turn key.” After the initial setup, PQRS data will flow seamlessly and without any aggravations or distractions to your time. Your practice and your providers will not be burdened with any additional work regarding PQRS. Medi-Bill handles it all for you.


Typically, our fee structure for anesthesiologists ranges between 4.5% to 7% of net collections. This fee is for absolute turnkey medical billing services. We handle the entire billing process from A-Z, including PQRS. We have the finest reporting systems in the industry.

Collection agencies:

The collection agency aspect of our services is completely custom and depends on our clients philosophy. We do not arbitrarily submit delinquent bills to collection agencies unless it is our clients desire. Generally, our physician clients are able to read detailed accounts about exactly what transpired in the billing process prior to an account being turned over to collections. Often our doctors want to sign off or develop a custom

methodology for dealing with collection agencies. Medi-Bill Inc. is not a collection agency, we do not own a collection agency and we are not affiliated with any collection agency. This choice is completely up to our providers. Historically, Medi-Bill Inc. turns over less than 3% of our accounts to collection agencies.

Please do not hesitate to contact David Duncan at 954-370-1053 extension 2201 or email if you have any questions regarding medical billing services for anesthesiologists.