Common CMS Medicare forms for providers

The following is a list the most common forms used by physicians in terms of Medicare registration. Forms can be freely downloaded to your computer for your convenience and can be used in all 50 states for your Medicare provider registration issues. Try to use extreme caution when filling out the forms and if you have questions call the provider registration unit at your local Medicare provider relations office. In some cases CMS guidelines give them six months to actually complete the registration process. Many physicians complained that their applications have been returned for a very small or minor mistakes. We have found this to be extremely aggravating and one of our main complaints against Medicare. Recently, it took us over one year simply get a new physician loaded to her group because Medicare continually returned the forms for very minor mistakes. After you finish the form, double check and then triple check your information. It’s also very important that you pay attention to the checklist which provides information which may be necessary for your particular applications such as an NPI certificate or the doctors medical license. Generally, there is a checklist towards the back of each

1.CMS 85SR : This form should be used when adding or deleting new physicians to an existing group.

2.CMS 8551 : This form should be used when your practice finds it necessary to make changes to your existing Medicare registration. A common example of when it’s appropriate to use the 855I would be adding a new practice location or changing/adding other information that is pertinent to your group. Make sure you identify to Medicare when your practice makes changes. A recent group of mine forgot to add a practice location and this ultimately led to a Medicare audit.

3.CMS 855B : Use this form when applying for a new Medicare number or making substantial changes such as ownership changes.

4.CMS 588 : Use this form to provide wiring instructions to Medicare for your money. Read the details carefully because Medicare may ask for a voided check.