Frequently asked questions:

How do we get our information to you? Currently we use several different methodologies for collecting information. Depending on what is most convenient for our clients we utilize Federal Express, DHL, FTP (file transfer protocol), scan to e-mail, courier service or US mail.

Can you interface with a hospital mainframe? In most cases Yes. The interface between our billing system and a hospital mainframe is one of our specialties. Typically, there is no additional cost for the service. Pathologists, radiologists and certain other medical providers should feel completely confident in our ability to integrate data into our practice management software.

What is the cost? The cost depends on a number of factors. Please fill out our simple and completely confidential rate quote form. Your office will never be burdened with sales calls. Medi-Bill Inc. offers the highest quality service and lowest fees in the industry.

Will we have to sign a contract? No.. At Medi-Bill Inc. we work off of non-binding contracts. You may terminate your non-binding contract at any time with 30 days written notice. Prior to initiating our service each party will sign a simple written agreement documenting services that we will provide to each other.

Do you transmit claims electronically? We submit claims electronically to a most carriers. Insurance carriers who are not equipped for electronic claims submission will receive our claims on paper utilizing a standard HCFA 1500 or UB 92 claim form.

Will you file our claims to secondary payers? yes.. Secondary claims submission is part of our service.

Where do our checks and correspondents go? To this question there are three basic options.
1. All checks and correspondents will be mailed to the provider’s office
2. Provider may purchase a P.O. Box for which they have complete control adjacent to Medi-Bill’s corporate offices.
3. Provider may have all checks and correspondents issued to Medi-Bill’s corporate P.O. Box.