The financial strength of your GI-gastroenterology practice is directly correlated to timely billing and account reimbursement. Medi-Bill Inc. has been providing professional gastroenterology billing services since 1989.

Accurate coding for colonoscopy screening-diagnosis is crucial. Often, medical coders submit inappropriate diagnoses originally which causes the claim to deny.

What we do

At Medi-Bill, we provide complete A to Z billing services, collections and practice management for G.I. physicians. We will provide an initial evaluation of your practice AR, current collection systems, and formulate a strategy to correct, move forward and eliminate any future billing problems. We are serious about getting you paid for all of your valuable services and the complete elimination of any form of attrition.

  •  We provide full accounts receivable management here
  • 12 our claim submission turnaround time
  •  Full clearinghouse integration for claim based eligibility
  • Quarterly updates.
  •  Clearinghouse-based claims scrubbing capability
  •  Maintaining patient relations and handling all inbound billing related calls
  •  Quality assurance checks
  •  Fully customizable reports

Why choose Medi-Bill Inc.?

Gastroenterology billing is challenging. Your profession requires specific knowledge of medical billing and coding for gastroenterologists. Other medical billing companies which lack experience produce claims that lead to underpayment or denials. For example, only a specific gastroenterology coder would know that in order to bill for colonoscopy they must also note advancement beyond the splenic fixture. Incorrect original bills of service will result in claim denials, documentation requests and other delays. Often, the delays ultimately result in no payment. It is crucial to submit claims perfectly the first time in order to avoid such negative outcomes. Our claims scrubbing process in tandem with years of experience eliminate incorrect claim submission from the onset.

Medi-Bill understands the gastroenterology billing process inside and out which will enable your practice to receive maximum reimbursement. Our staff will work with your office to identify problem areas. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact David Duncan at 1-800-811-1882 extension 2201

Other Benefits:

Medi-Bill is the perfect size for a billing service. We are large enough to handle multi-physician, multi-location practices yet small enough to give your account all the personal attention you deserve. Other billing services grow by acquisition which can have profoundly negative consequences to your practice. Since Medi-Bill does not generally work off of binding contracts our company cannot be bought or sold. Rest assured, Medi-Bill will be your billing service for the life of your practice.

GI Billing Services

  •  Improved collections and revenue
  • Fast payments and reduce stress
  •  24 seven accessibility to your patient data and other financial information
  • Complete transparency throughout the revenue cycle
  • Full financial and practice management reporting.