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The Medicare registration process is extremely difficult and frustrating for all health care providers. Why not leave this difficult task in the hands of a professional?
Unfortunately, Medicare has little choice but to make the registration process extremely arduous to protect the Medicare payment system against fraud and abuse. In most states federal guidelines give service contractors six months to issue a new Medicare provider number(assuming they receive initially perfect paperwork). Many physicians find the process extremely frustrating because often the extensive paperwork is ultimately denied for minor mistakes and providers find themselves having to restart the process from scratch. We have seen cases where physicians have wasted upwards of a year in order to receive a provider number due application delays which result from minor application mistakes. It appears that Medicare will do anything within its power to deny and or delay the registration process for as long as possible.
Providers are often understandably reluctant to hire professionals during the initial registration phase due to security and identity concerns.
Our team of professionals has your registration needs covered from A to Z! Providers can rest assured they are in good hands. Medi-Bill guarantees results and we guarantee strict security with your personal information.
We have former Medicare employees on staff that are intimately familiar with all aspects of the Medicare system. For additional information please go to About us.

Turnkey Medicare registration services we offer:
  1. Initial, solo practice
  2. Initial group practice registration.
  3. All specialties including durable medical equipment(DME), psychology, ambulatory surgical centers, mobile diagnostics.
  4. CMS 855B applications
  5. CMS 855I applications
  6. CMS 855R applications

The financial strength of your practice depends upon prompt and seamless Medicare registration. You could lose months if not years leading this crucial task in the hands of an amateur.

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