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Critical issues facing pathologist


The financial strength of your pathology practice is directly correlated to timely billing and account reimbursement. We have over 15 years experience providing clinical and anatomical pathology billing services. Hiring a quality billing service is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make regarding the business aspect of your practice. It is crucial that your billing company has the experience necessary to handle the complexities presented by both anatomical and clinical pathology. Why not allow Medi-Bill Inc. to give you the financial peace of mind you deserve. Please visit our homepage to obtain additional information regarding our services, ownership, references and other pertinent details regarding our pathology billing services.

What is comprehensive integrated pathology practice management?

  • Medi-Bill Inc. offers comprehensive anatomical and clinical pathology billing services at 6.0% of net collections.
  • No programming or set up fees(including the clinical laboratory)
  • We are large enough to handle multi physician/multi-location practices yet small enough to give the personal attention your account deserves.
  • Non-binding contracts
  • Experienced staff with over 15 years of pathology billing
  • Computer system designed specifically for pathologists
  • Physician credentialing is included in our service
  • Meticulous processing of outpatient/office-based pathology billing by hand

Functional area of expertise

  • Hospital system integration for clinical and anatomical pathology more information
  • Office/outpatient cases meticulously processed by hand, more information
  • Tracking multiple locations separately for large group practice.
  • Managed-care development
  • Detailed financial reporting

Third-party administration

  • Claims adjudication
  • Eligibility tracking verification
  • Quality assurance
  • HIPPA compliant

Physician credentialing is included in our service

Compensation Development

Referral Pattern Utilization

Technology Integration

Receivables Management

  • Coding
  • Billing
  • Payer relations
  • Patient relations
  • Collections
  • Client reporting
  • Fee analysis
  • Managed-care contracts

Medi-Bill Inc. is your #1 source for pathology billing services!

Comprehensive Health-Care Management

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Technological difficulties presented by the interface between the professional billing office and the hospital mainframe makes pathology billing one of the most challenging types of medical billing.Medi-Bill’s programmers have over 15 years experience linking our practice management software with most hospital mainframes.

Recent HIPPA regulations have further compounded this dilemma
The separation of clinical pathology data from anatomical billing data is crucial. Most pathology billing services spend vast amounts of time attempting to separate the massive amounts of non payable clinical data, which is an inevitably mixed together with anatomical data. Writing off non payable clinical charges, making sure patients are not inappropriately billed( which many times places the practice itself at risk with hospital administration) and making sure anatomical data is properly accounted for is a daunting task for any billing service. This is also a major factor in the relativity high cost billing services charge pathologists.
Medi-Bill has the most advanced PHDI,” Practice Hospital Data Interface” in the industry. Our advanced programming allows us to completely separate the anatomical billing from the clinical billing and places the data into separate relational databases. This process gives us tremendous flexibility and control which is customizable to your exact specifications.
1. This methodology will prevent patients from ever receiving bills for clinical laboratory charges which can be a major source of frustration for pathologists, especially in Florida.

2. we can also create carrier carrier specific modalities. For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, with the exception of a handful of CPT codes does not pay for clinical laboratory tests. Sending Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida clinical laboratory charges is an expensive waste of time. Furthermore there is an increased risk that you’ll receive denials for the anatomical charges which are inadvertently mixed together with the clinical laboratory procedures.
Our system dramatically reduces patient complaints to administration and allows us to focus our attention on collecting your money!

Comprehensive Heath-Care Managment

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Another major challenge facing most pathology practices as the administration of the office/outpatient billing. The communication lines between various office managers and referring physicians must be,”open.” A much greater level of flexibility is necessary in this situation. Because of our unique size and management style we are able to successfully manage,” all your outpatient cases!”We’re also able to maximize income by billing globally when necessary and maintaining separate/Independent data modules if your practice owns an independent laboratory. We have the outpatient billing down to a science at Medi-Bill.

Comprehensive Heath-Care Managment