The financial strength of your pediatrics practice is directly correlated to timely billing and account reimbursement. We have over 20 years experience providing pediatric billing services. Hiring a quality firm to administer your pediatric billing services is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make regarding the business aspect of your practice.

We are Experts at Pediatric Billing:

At Medi-Bill, our billers and coders are experts in pediatric billing. Our experience is guaranteed to help you. Why leave such an important task in the hands of an amateur?

Pediatric billing is very unique. Other specialties  do not have the same requirements or demands placed upon a billing service. One big example is vaccines. If vaccines are not being billed and followed up on properly this can end up costing your practice money rather than generating income.

A single vaccine can cost upwards of $175. Making sure the correct NDC number and matching diagnosis code is crucial. Insurance company rules are followed specifically. Not getting paid for even a few vaccines can hurt your practice, Especially over a sustained period of time.

We know how to properly bill insurance companies for newborns!

We know the exact vaccine administration regimen you should follow-90471 or 90460

Why choose Medi-Bill?

Because we have been providing pediatric billing services for over 20 years, under the same ownership and still maintain some of our original clients! Few, if any other billing companies could make that claim.

We work off non-binding contracts which inhibits the sale or acquisition of our firm. All of this adds up to the quality, integrity and reliability your pediatric practice can depend on.

Complete turnkey Pediatrics billing services starting at 5.5% of net collections
Non-binding contracts
Personal client services
Free medical credentialing
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Complete pediatric billing services
Over 20 years experience
Medi-Bill Inc. is your #1 source for pediatric billing services!

Receivables Management

Diagnosis coding
Billing to all insurance companies and private patient statements
Payer relations. Aggressively pursuing insurance companies for payment.
Patient relations. Treating your patiens with respect and compassion.

Other value added services:

Efficiently manage and follow-up with legal cases held for sustained periods of time under letters of protection. Maintain long-term communication with attorneys during discovery and assure all parties that legal cases will be closely monitored until settlement.
Effectively manage and negotiate legal cases with attorneys for maximum reimbursement.
Medicare registration
All medical records are maintained strictly through advanced electronic medical record systems indefinitely.

Sophisticated computer systems:

We have state-of-the-art technology in terms of medical records storage and delivery to insurance companies which is an absolute necessity regarding pediatric billing claims and services. Insurance companies inundate pediatric providers with requests for additional documentation. Billing services who lack the ability to properly store and manage medical records will fail to provide proper billing and reimbursement to pediatric physicians.

Physician Quality Reporting System PQRS

Our advanced computer system and clearinghouse can deliver your PQRS information directly to the registries through the billing process. Our physicians will not be bothered with the PQRS process whatsoever.