The financial strength of your physical therapy practice is directly correlated to timely billing and account management. Medi-Bill has over 25 years experience providing physical therapy billing services. Hiring a high-quality billing service is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make regarding the business aspect of medicine.  Don’t leave this important decision in the hands of an amateur. Allow Medi-Bill to give you the financial peace of mind you deserve.

Medi-Bill benefits:

Accelerated collections and streamline revenue streams.
Reduce stress and allow your doctors and staff to focus on healthcare rather than paperwork.
24 hour access to your patient data and financial reports.
Complete transparency throughout the revenue cycle.
Detailed and comprehensive-customizable financial reporting
Peace of mind.

What is comprehensive physical therapy billing services?

Medi-Bill offers comprehensive- turnkey physical therapy billing services and collections.
We make it easy to get started.
We make it easy to change billing services.
Maximize reimbursement through correct coding and collection methodology.
Computer system and software integration.
State-of-the-art clearinghouse

In order to properly bill and collect for physical therapy services it is necessary to have a clear understanding of how the physical therapy specialty works. This is important, seeing as one procedure could be represented by several CPT codes. Not choosing the correct code-or failing to provide thorough documentation could lead to lower reimbursements or nonpayment. Our very well trained and competent staff has the experience and knowledge to migrate through the complexities insurance companies place upon physical therapy providers.

Receivables management

Payer relations
Client reporting
Free analysis
Comprehensive billing services
Patient relations
Managed-care contracts

A proper medical billing service should increase your reimbursements. Medi-Bill is more efficient and effective at physical therapy billing than your own office because it’s all we do. Your office staff does not have the time to be burdened with paperwork. Whether you have a private or facility-based practice or you are a physical therapist or a specialty practice like occupational therapy, we have the experience and platform to make sure your practice is profitable.

According to experts typical adjustment rates range between 20 and 35%. Medi-Bill staff has an average of 10 years experience with physical therapy billing. We are able to achieve substantially higher collection rates and lower adjustment rates than our competitors.

Medi-Bill is more than a claims processing business because we offer many value added services. Our state of the art billing system daily generates your claims and submit these claims through advanced claims scrubbing services by our world-class clearinghouse.

The specialty of PT is one of the most challenging specialties for a variety of reasons. Some of which are:

Stubborn insurance companies attempt every trick in the book to deny and or delay Physical Therapy bills of service.
Proper ICD10 and CPT coding is crucial.
Patient relations is crucial
Organizational functions regarding “Letters of Protection” and other attorney related medical bill tracking is crucial.
Proper prior authorization organization is crucial.

Don’t let an amateur handle your physical therapy billing needs.

Physical Therapy Billing and Compliance.

Physical therapy coding experience
25 years experience with physical therapy billing
25 years experience with all areas of medical billing
specializing in communication between physician and staff. Teamwork, education and communication are crucial.
HIPAA and PQRS compliance
Medical necessity guidelines
Bundling rules and regulation

Most important coding errors:

The failure to properly document the procedure being performed.
Billing as a consultation rather than new patient office visit.
The utilization of invalid/improper ICD 10 or CPT codes.
Unbundling procedure codes that are intrinsically global.
The failure to properly list and articulate the patient’s chief complaint.

Specializing in all areas of Workmen’s Compensation and PIP claims

Specializing in dealing with attorneys in complicated PIP matters and obtaining appropriate letters of protection, storing, collating and organizing correspondence between billing office an attorney.