The financial health of your urology practice is directly correlated to timely billing, account reimbursement, communication and practice management. Medi­Bill has been providing urology billing services since 1989. Hiring a high quality medical billing firm is an extremely important decision. It is crucial you make the right decision from the onset and that you hire a billing company which is the correct size, fit and matches the overall philosophy of your billing strategy. Why not allow Medi­Bill to be your partner for the life of your practice?

According to the AMA and many other sources, urologists perform poorly in comparison to other specialties regarding reimbursements. The nature of the practice of urology tends to create above average of attrition when it comes to reimbursement.It is crucial that urologists hire an experienced medical billing firm.

At Medi­Bill, our billers understand the correct procedures and processes required to receive maximum reimbursement for urologists.

Why choose Medi­Bill Inc.?
We have years of the urology billing experience which uniquely equips us to handle the coding and billing related processes to ensure that your practice receives maximum reimbursement Our firm is a very unique size. We are large enough to handle complex multi­physician­multi location practices. Our computer systems are advanced enough to synchronize with large hospital mainframes. We use the most advanced clearinghouse, with claims scrubbing, PQRS and many other value added services.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact David Duncan at 1­-800­-811­-1882 extension 2201.

Areas of expertise:
Our billing staff are highly trained and able to keep up with any recent changes in urology coding and payer requirements. This ensures that claims will be submitted accurately,without delay and prompt payment insured. We also understand that claim denials stall reimbursement and we place a very high emphasis on making sure claims are initially submitted perfectly, without error to all payers.

  •    Complex urology billing codes and rules
  •    Urology­related terminology
  •    Office notes and operative notes
  •   Coding for surgical procedures
  •   Code variations related to multiple procedure rules

Coding examples:
Coding for categorizations can be confusing to medical billers. Therefore before assessing codes, we verify the exact procedure was performed in order to prevent the claim from getting denied. Examples include, Urethral dilation which is a commonly performed medical treatment at urology practices. Our billing staff understands the appropriate CPT coding for the initial and subsequent dilations. Having this knowledge and experience will ensure urologists are fully reimbursed for their services and attrition is completely eliminated. There are many other such examples.

Urology Accounts Receivable Management:

  • Coding
  • Billing
  • Payer relations
  • Patient relations
  • Collections
  • Client reporting
  • Fee analysis
  • Managed­care contracts

Medi­Bill Inc. Is your Urology Billing Service

An outstanding medical billing company such as Medi­Bill will increase your reimbursements. We will outperform other billing services and your own internal billing process. This is a symbiotic relationship. Your money is our money. Typically, billing services grow through acquisition. This can create a substantial interference with your own practice. Generally, Medi­Bill works off of nonbinding contracts which makes the likelihood of our firm being bought or sold unlikely. Medi­Bill intends to be your partner for the life of your practice. We still maintain some of our original clients from 1989. Few other billing services can make that claim.

According to the AMA and other industry experts, a claims adjustment rate between 20­ 35% is considered acceptable. At Medi­Bill, our account specialists have on average nine years experience in urology billing. Their knowledge, ability and follow­up capabilities is why our adjustment rates are much lower. Our adjustment rates are as low as 12%. Medi-Bill will exceed your expectations.

We have state­of­the­art computer systems and utilize the finest clearinghouse in the industry.